Promoting Facebook Fan Page

January 30, 2009

Hi… After a long time.. 🙂

I don’t know if anyone out there has this question in their mind “how to represent my business on FACEBOOK?” as one cannot create any fake account nor have duplicate account on FACEBOOK.

Cheer Up on it Guys! Facebook allows you to create a facebook group or a facebook fan page. But I prefer creating a Fan Page, as the Fan Pages are visible to unregistered people and thus indexed by robots.

In simple thought we can say by creating Facebook page, connecting with our niche community will become easy and effective.

What else Facebook Page allows you customize it, according to you, let’s have a glance:

  • Add up extra applications to your business page.
  • Monitor visitor’s statistics with “Page insights”.
  • Start discussions on the wall or a forum too.
  • Send an update to all members at once.
  • Also the pages can be promoted by social ads.

The only benefit I see with groups is it allows sending bulk invitation to the friends. You cannot add extra applications; cannot track visitor’s statistics, and cannot promote it with social ads. Moreover, they are not search able outside facebook as they cannot be indexed and have ugly URLS.

Creating a facebook page is a very easy work. You will set up the business profile, photo album, feeds etc. And for all this, you have got few fans for your page too. The question arise here is what will you do to get the fans come in and getting them engaged?

So here are the few activities one can do on their Facebook Business Pages.

Use Twitter.

Update your page URL regularly on Twitter. [Twitter Buzz! Quick Tips for Business Peeps]

Content/ Information.

Provide such content or information that your fans cannot find anywhere else e.g., tips, offers, photos etc

Online Polls

Facebook also allows you to add polling application on your page; you can set up a Poll each week. Polls could be unrelated to your core business but allow you to engage fans to your page.

Post Job Openings

Although it is a difficult time but some businesses are still in hiring processes. You can post your job opening on your fan page too.

Buy Social Ads.

Promoting your Page with Social Ads is also a good idea. These ads may appear along with your recent Fan on you page with their name photo.


You can take any topic and start discussion about it on your fan page.

Bookmark it.

Bookmark the page (with famous website such as delicious.com, digg.com etc.) as the fan page is visible to unregistered users too. That way you can cover your business keywords too.

So, what’s your fan page URL? 😉


One comment

  1. What about posting the url of my business page on discussion boards of all the groups I belong to? IF this is allowed, what about posting the actual website url? Will facebook kick me off?


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