Good time for News Publishers

March 25, 2010

If you have any news website, go and add it to Google News for making tones of traffic to your website. Remembering the fact they are not going to help you if the website is an informational and how-to articles, classified ads, job postings, fictitious content, event announcements or advice columns.

The Google News content is visible to the surfers of Google SE, depending on the keyword’s competition. However I get my website itVARnews on top of the SERPs with Google News results.

Google also allows you to create News Sitemap and submission in its Webmasters Tool. The support desk is very co-operative and helps you in optimizing the news website for inclusion in Google News very generously.

Vanessa Fox from Search Engine Land has reported back in Feb 1, 2010 about the change in Google News Sitemap Protocol that extends ease to News Publishers.

  • As we use to reference Sitemap.xml in Robots.txt file, News Sitemap can also be referenced through Robots.txt file.
  • Multiple types of news can be combined into one News Sitemap.

Indicating good time to news publishers..


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