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Good time for News Publishers

March 25, 2010

If you have any news website, go and add it to Google News for making tones of traffic to your website. Remembering the fact they are not going to help you if the website is an informational and how-to articles, classified ads, job postings, fictitious content, event announcements or advice columns.

The Google News content is visible to the surfers of Google SE, depending on the keyword’s competition. However I get my website itVARnews on top of the SERPs with Google News results.

Google also allows you to create News Sitemap and submission in its Webmasters Tool. The support desk is very co-operative and helps you in optimizing the news website for inclusion in Google News very generously.

Vanessa Fox from Search Engine Land has reported back in Feb 1, 2010 about the change in Google News Sitemap Protocol that extends ease to News Publishers.

  • As we use to reference Sitemap.xml in Robots.txt file, News Sitemap can also be referenced through Robots.txt file.
  • Multiple types of news can be combined into one News Sitemap.

Indicating good time to news publishers..


Google’s Webinar Is Now Live For Webmaster Tools, Analytics & Website Optimizer

July 21, 2008

The Google Webmaster Central Blog has posted a recording on 8th July 08 about a Webinar they have hosted. It is related to the three most important Google tools help analyze and improve your sites. Here is the 60 min long video on their webinar.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

December 26, 2007

What is DMCA all about?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is an US copyright act which is given to the webmasters or the authors for their dedicated and creative work. In general terms I can say it is a legal document which is used to let know the various parties about Digital Rights Infringements.

You can download the whole PDF document for full guidelines on DMCA from the Library of Congress website; you can also get information on the same from the website Chilling Effect and have a glance on the information provided.

Now look from point of SEOs. We face such kind of issues in day to day life.

What is our main purpose in order to facilitate our clients or the readers and Search Engines as a SEO?

As far as I think one of the best ways is to provide them with something which is quite fresh, informative, and trustworthy and obviously anything that is creative. In SEO content matters a lot and your ideas of utilizing key words in content, Atl texts, Anchor texts, Metas and few other places so that spiders can catch you up.

How and why this creativeness bothers us?

By offering unique, fresh and creative content /concepts we draw all attention of Search Engines and the readers towards our website or blog. Which will further helps the website/ blog to achieve good ranking on Search Engine results.

And suppose all that creativity, freshness and etc. is stolen by someone in a matter of seconds. And once it is stolen, it is not unique anymore. For the content you were ranking on first position now your website/blog may not be there. All your hard work is now enjoyed by some idiots. Don’t you wish to punish these scoundrels?

Firstly get your Website, blog or anything copyrighted, which is quite important for you and you can not see the same for that you have worked a lot is being used by someone else. The procedure is quite simple of getting copyrighted. Whatever you do just have a proof of that with you and further info you can register your material with

From my point of view the best punishment for these crooks is to complain Search engines about this by sending DMCA to them and requesting them to remove their site from their search results.

How to send DMCA to search engines?

Google copyright infringement – Get full information here on how to report DMCA to Google.

Yahoo copyright infringement – Get full information here on how to report DMCA to Yahoo.

Ask copyright infringement – Get full information here on how to report DMCA to Ask.

MSN copyright infringement – Get full information here on how to report DMCA to MSN. But there is no web form or any physical address available on the page, here is the address where the DMCA document should be sent:

Microsoft Corporation/The Microsoft Network
Attn: J.K. Weston
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Telephone: (425) 703-5529
Fax: (425) 936-7329


Google Weakness (Google Bomb or Link Bomb)

November 23, 2007

Google Bomb or Link Bomb could be better defined as process of manipulating Google’s results. This could be done by placing a link to a web page on several domains.

We can say the keywords are weakness of Google. It could be possible to cheat Google by adding irrelevant words to pages or any other search as such they all displays results on the basis of query terms. And when the user makes query with the key terms that includes some of terms added by us then Google will surely show that page on its SERP. These extra and irrelevant terms can be hidden from the users by so many methods……use your brain and see how it works.

Google trusts the web pages described by the anchor text as such it trusts any link is good from the quality of votes. The best example for this could be “miserable failure”. A number of webmasters put this anchor text Miserable Failure on their websites and placed a link under this text to George Bush’s official web page. That causes the webpage to be shown on the 1st position on Google’s SERP.

We can say search result may include the web page which doesn’t have the query term. And the reason can be understood by the example mentioned in the above paragraph. As such Google find the videos, images, music etc which are nowhere contains text. The concept followed is of anchor text here again.

Still Google is too smart……doesn’t release information about its algorithms or algorithm changes. All the details on making Google bomb can’t be clear. Also they would be having many other strategies for such cases like Google can remove sites don’t follow its webmaster guidelines and includes them when they comply with Google’s guidelines.

Better to do that…..what White Hat Linkbuilding Say…….


How to start with SEO

November 22, 2007

Process of improving quality and traffic of a website through search engines – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically SEO work start with the thought of creation of a website. The thing comes first in mind is content, market, competition and etc. Here I am gonna describe a small process on how to begin with SEO.

The first thing one should go for could be keyword research. The most popular tools Keyword discovery and Word Tracker gives you an approximate report on usage of keywords in previous month. This can help you in determining your domain name, title, URL and content you will put.

Search out the top 3 websites that can give you the best competition with the same keywords you have searched earlier. Determine their marketing strategies before you buy your domain name. You should look up for all things like

  1. What are the things they are considering in order to get traffic?
  2. Where they are getting links from? It can be seen from or from Google directly with this command “”.
  3. Are they working on blog, article, forum, social bookmarking, etc?

Like wise other things. What to be noticed is that thing which is making them unique?

These were the things you take care of when u started working on a web site. Once the website is completed you have to implement few things they can be as follows:

  1. Title tag: The most important aspect on a web page. Title tags through out the website should be unique. Should focus the keywords you wanted to rank on. One thing should be maintained is the length, it should have maximum of 68 characters. So that search engine will show full title on its result page.
  2. Description tag: It should also be unique with appropriate use of KW. Use 200 characters as maximum so that your main concept will be shown in SERPs. Tags should be created as per pages demand.
  3. Keyword tag: There is no limit for keywords as such but this will be recommended is 20 keywords or less should be used. There will not be any use of too many keywords. They should focus the product or service on each page.
  4. Other tags: You can add other tags too so that you can provide as much information about your website to the robots.

URLs of your website should describe content of the page and short. Word should be separated by hyphens instead of under-score. Hyphens are treated as space by the robots. If your web site is like,, then please combine all these addresses into one and prefer for by using SEO friendly 301 redirection method. Because all these URLs will be treated as separate by the robots.

Your navigation menu should be SEO friendly, list menu instead of JavaScript and flash as such they are not navigated by robots.

There is lot more you can do for your web site. What you have to do is just generate ideas…..