CSS Design, Optimization, and Your Website

December 12, 2007

There are many methods of optimizing a website and some of the best methods are ensuring the web pages speed (the page is not overly heavy in file size), content is managed properly, content is relevant, pages are filled with text and links in proper way without spamming Search engine robots.

And the solution for most of the question can be the creation of a website with the help of CSS. Using CSS for your web site is one of the techniques of running effective searching engine optimization campaign. It can generate more traffic for you rather then expensive and time consuming programs such as PPC or banner-ad methods.

In general term Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is used for fast downloading or easily modifiable pages. But when we look from the SEO/SEM view it really means a lot. For instance:

Important Content: The unique text that you wanted to rank for could be placed at the top of the HTML file.

Ratio of Code to Content: Pages will be lighter in weight by decreasing the code to content ratio. If this is done properly, this can make your site easier and reliable to crawl by indexing the content on the site.

HTML tags: Use of HTML tags which are recognized as the indicator of important content for robots. These HTML tags could be <h1> and other.

Standard HTML tags: From standard HTML tags I mean the tags <ul> and <a>, etc. Can be used for constructing menus which can contains’ the link of other important areas of your web site.

And lot more you can do with CSS for your web site.


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