Google Weakness (Google Bomb or Link Bomb)

November 23, 2007

Google Bomb or Link Bomb could be better defined as process of manipulating Google’s results. This could be done by placing a link to a web page on several domains.

We can say the keywords are weakness of Google. It could be possible to cheat Google by adding irrelevant words to pages or any other search as such they all displays results on the basis of query terms. And when the user makes query with the key terms that includes some of terms added by us then Google will surely show that page on its SERP. These extra and irrelevant terms can be hidden from the users by so many methods……use your brain and see how it works.

Google trusts the web pages described by the anchor text as such it trusts any link is good from the quality of votes. The best example for this could be “miserable failure”. A number of webmasters put this anchor text Miserable Failure on their websites and placed a link under this text to George Bush’s official web page. That causes the webpage to be shown on the 1st position on Google’s SERP.

We can say search result may include the web page which doesn’t have the query term. And the reason can be understood by the example mentioned in the above paragraph. As such Google find the videos, images, music etc which are nowhere contains text. The concept followed is of anchor text here again.

Still Google is too smart……doesn’t release information about its algorithms or algorithm changes. All the details on making Google bomb can’t be clear. Also they would be having many other strategies for such cases like Google can remove sites don’t follow its webmaster guidelines and includes them when they comply with Google’s guidelines.

Better to do that…..what White Hat Linkbuilding Say…….


One comment

  1. Hey whitehat!,

    I assume that there is something more than just an anchor text to mislead google or any other search engines.

    I would be happy if you come up with any ideas on that! This would be helpful.

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